《Singapore Source Book 2012》

《Singapore Source Book 2012》

Country Dragon Group

specializes in aluminum ceiling panels and metal wall panel designs. With a sense of the needs of the market, we have developed lighting fixtures, air-conditioning vent series, stretch ceiling series and other related products to complement the market. Over the years, our products have constantly improved and still strive for excellence. In addition to sales in Hong Kong and China, Country Dragon Group has exported products to Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand. Developers, architects, engineers, and contractors from around the world adopt and trust in our products.

  • Since technology improves continually, we must stay at the forefront of the market

  • Set environmental requirements to help better the future

  • Adhere to high quality standards to ensure customer needs

Country Dragon Group, founded in 1984 in Hong Kong, served as the production base of the 80’s from Hong Kong to China. In addition to our acquisition of professional production equipment, we also have an exemplary professional team. In both China and Hong Kong, Country Dragon Group utilizes large and elite support staff members in state-of-the-art factories with advanced equipment. Both production and production quality reach international standards. In order to strengthen quality management and increase environmental awareness, Country Dragon Group has obtained ISO9001: 2004, ISO14001 and CCC along with other international certificates.

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