OUTDOOR HOOK-ON CEILING HO-series 604 system

OUTDOOR HOOK-ON CEILING HO-series 604 system 2019-12-10T04:09:06+00:00

Project Description


  • A sealed ceiling deisgn
  • Used the O-shaped runners (HO4-101) to give a strong sealed ceiling.
  • Gaps of only 15-20mm between panels
  • Installation of the Security Clip(HO4-102) enhances the ability of windproofing of the whole ceiling.
  • All panels can be installed and demounted separately.
  • Maintainance work of facilities like fire- fighting equipments, air-conditioning and electric appliances becomes more convenient.
  • stable ceiling system
  • Easy to be installed and demounted.
  • Maintenance work is convenient.


  • The ceiling is suspended by O-shape runner (HO4- 101) with skewers installing in the corner .
  • Air Hole >>
  • Absorption >>
Model No Size
HO4-400 400 x L mm
HO4-500 500 x L mm
HO4-600 600 x L mm
HO4-SPC Special Made


Model No Component
1 HO4-Panel Ceiling Panel 勾疊天花板
2 HO4-101 O-Runner O 型鋁龍骨
3 HO4-101 Z-Runner O 型鋁龍骨
4 HO4-102 Security Clip 防風碼