LAY-ON CEILING P-series 202 system

LAY-ON CEILING P-series 202 system 2019-12-10T04:15:16+00:00

Project Description


  • Lay-on ceiling system
  • Movable ceiling design
  • Panels are laid on the back of T-shape runners
  • Ceilings can be intalled and demounted easily
  • Two different widths of T-shape runners including 14 and 25mm
  • stable ceiling system
  • Maintenance work is convenient.


  • The combination of T-shape main and cross runners are built by the suspension frame which is hanged by T-runner bracket (P-102).
  • Air Hole >>
  • Absorption >>
Model No Size
P2-595 595 x 595 mm
P2-605 605 x 605 mm


Model No Component
1 P2-Panel Ceiling Panel 明架天花板
2 P-24-1 Main Runner (3.0m) 主龍骨 (3.0m)
3 P-24-2 Cross Runner (1.2m) 副龍骨(1.2m)
4 P-24-3 Cross Runner (0.6m) 副龍骨 (0.6m)
5 P-14-1 Main Runner (3.0m) 主龍骨 (3.0m)
6 P-14-2 Cross Runner (1.2m) 副龍骨(1.2m)
7 P-14-3 Cross Runner (0.6m) 副龍骨 (0.6m)
8 P-102 Runner Bracket 龍骨吊碼