CLIP-IN CEILING S-series 101 system

CLIP-IN CEILING S-series 101 system 2019-10-30T04:04:37+00:00

Project Description


  • Clip-in ceiling system
  • A sealed ceiling design.
  • Each panel is clamped with the Spring tee runner (S-101) tightly to hide the suspension parts in the ceiling.
  • Together with DRAGON special light fittings and air-diffusers can give the best effect of the ceiling.
  • Stable ceiling system
  • Easy to be installed and demounted.
  • Maintenance work is convenient.


  • The ceiling is suspended by Spring tee runner (S-101)
  • Spring tee runner is fixed at the bottom of the C-channel (C-62) connected by Runner
  • clamp (S-102) with distance 600mm centre to centre.
  • Air Hole >>
  • Absorption >>
Model No Size
S1-300 300 x 300mm
S1-500 500 x 500mm
S1-600 600 x 600mm
S1-3060 300 x 600mm
S1-30120 300 x 1200mm
S1-40120 400 x 1200mm
S1-45120 450 x 1200mm
S1-6090 600 x 900mm
S1-60120 600 x 1200mm
Model No Component
1 S1-Panel Ceiling Panel 暗架天花板
2 S-101 Spring Tee Runner 三角龍骨
3 S-102 Runner Clamp 三角型龍骨吊碼
4 S-103 Runner Connector 三角型龍骨駁碼
5 C-62A C-Channel Bracket C型龍骨吊碼
6 C-62 C-Channel C型副龍骨
7 S-106 Security Clip 防風碼