LINEAR CEILING L-series 2019-12-10T03:36:46+00:00

Project Description


  • Linear ceiling system
  • A sealed ceiling space design
  • Each panel is suspended by the specific U-shape runner (L-101) tightly to hide the suspension partsin the ceiling
  • There is only a 15mm width small gap left after the ceiling installation which can prompt better visual effect
  • stable ceiling system
  • Easy to be installed and demounted.
  • Maintenance work is convenient.


  • Ceiling is suspended by U-shape runner (L-101) which is fixed at the bottom of the C-channel (C-62).
  • Runner clamp (L-102) is used to connect the runnners (FIG. B)
  • Air Hole >>
  • Absorption >>
Model No Size
L-100 W100 x L mm
L-150 W150 x L mm
L-200 W200 x L mm
L-300 W300 x L mm


Model No Component
1 L Panel Ceiling Panel 條型天花板
2 L-101 U-shape Runner U型龍骨
3 L-102 Runner Clamp U型龍骨吊碼
4 L-104 C-Channel Bracket C型龍骨吊碼
5 L-162 C-Channel C型龍骨