HINGEDOWN PANEL CEILING HD-series 903 system 2017-08-02T10:04:09+00:00

Project Description


  • Composed of individual ceiling units
  • Every units can be pulled off from the tracks separately with fixed pulling angle
  • It is suitable for ceilings which need frequent maintainance of facilities, especially useful for mass transport system.
  • stable ceiling system
  • Easy to be installed and demounted.
  • Maintenance work is convenient.
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  • Absorption >>
Model No Size
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Model No Component
1 T-01 Flush Anchor 拉爆螺絲
2 T-02 Threaded Rod 螺絲杆
3 T-03 Nut and Washer 絲母及介子
4 T-04 Top Frame Main Runner 頂層主龍骨
5 T-05 Top Frame Cross Runner 頂層主副龍骨
6 T-06 Hook Mounting Bracket 勾位安裝支架
7 T-07 Locking Hook 鎖勾
8 T-08 Stainless Steel Hinge 線橕
9 T-09 Safety Arm 安全鎖
10 T-10 Safety Arm Release Bracket 安全鎖碼
11 T-11 Screw,Nut and Washer 螺絲,絲母及介子
12 T-12 Lower Frame Parallel Brace 低層直行支橕
13 T-13 Lower Frame Cross Brace 低層橫行支橕
14 T-14 Protection Plate 保護片
15 T-15 Extruded Aluminium Tube 鋁擠壓圓筒天花
16 T-16 Tube End Cap 圓筒天花頭尾蓋
17 T-17 Top Frame Bracket 頂層固定碼
18 T-18 Lower Frame Bracket 低層固定碼
19 T-19 Rect. Head Bolt,Nut and Washer 四方頭螺絲,絲母及介子