WIDE GRID CEILING WG-series 2019-12-10T03:13:53+00:00

Project Description


  • Wide grid ceiling system
  • A closed space design.
  • Each panel is laid on the visible-runner frame.
  • It simplify the procedure of ceiling installation and uninstallation.
  • The various combinations of different width of runner and size of panel makes outward appearance and design multiplex.
  • stable ceiling system
  • Easy to be installed and demounted.
  • Maintenance work is convenient.


  • Each panel is placed on the middle of two WG runners (WG-CR) which is hanged by the Hanger bracket (WG-102) locating on the perforated L-angle (WG-101) by fitting screw rod.
  • Air Hole >>
  • Absorption >>
Model No Size
WG-300 W300 x L mm
WG-400 W400 x L mm
WG-500 W500 x L mm
WG-600 W600 x L mm


Model No Component
1 WG-Panel Ceiling Panel 闊骨天花板
2 WG-CR WG Main Runner WG主龍骨
3 WG-101 Perforated L-angle 有孔L型副龍骨
4 WG-102 WG Runner Clamp WG主龍骨吊碼
5 WG-103 Main Runner Connector 主龍骨駁碼
6 WG-104 Perforated L-angle Connector L型副龍骨駁碼