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An appealing and comfortable surrounding is what makes us feel like home. Home is what makes us feel connected and connection brings everything to life. Country Dragon takes on an amazing task in designing the perfect, appealing and comfortable space around us. Our Company, Country Dragon Group, strives to design new and innovative layouts of different spatial environments. We believe that building the perfect environment for everybody can have a positive impact on our everyday lives.

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Country Dragon Group are built from highly trained experts who have accomplished many projects effectively and efficiently. These trained experts are expanded throughout the different sectors of the company such as, the secondary sector (the factories), and the territory sector (the offices) We work together to accomplish many tasks and exceed consumer expectations with our final goods. Every sector of the company specializes in many divisions that will help the company expand. Divisions like marketing, manufacturing, servicing, and transportation work together to deliver high quality goods to consumers.


Country Dragon Group is constantly up to date with understanding the current market needs. We strive to understand individual and common needs through market analysis. We reach out to consumers through social media, press conferences and conventions. Through promoting our products, we are able to demonstrate our quality ceiling panels and other goods to the world. As we stay up to date with the market trends, Please stay updated with us here:

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